Friday, February 15, 2008

[ News, Nation, January 7 2008] U.N. ranks Korea among leading e-gov'ts

The United Nations has ranked Korea among the world leaders in e-government readiness and participation.

The Government Administration and Home Affairs Ministry said Sunday (Jan. 6) that the country ranked sixth last year in the U.N. Global E-government Readiness Index among 192 nations and second in the world body’s e-participation index among 189 nations.

The readiness index is a composite indicator comprising indices on measures for the Web, telecommunication infrastructure and human capital.

The participation index is a qualitative assessment of the quality, relevance and usefulness of government Web sites in providing online participatory tools to the people.

Sweden ranked first in global readiness, followed by Denmark, Norway, the United States and Netherlands. Korea was fifth in 2005.

The ministry said the country fell one notch because of no e-transaction systems in certain government Web sites; lack of links between Web sites of the central and provincial governments; and fewer credit points for the number of mobile phone subscribers and PC owners.

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