Sunday, February 10, 2008

[The Chosun Ilbo, January 24 2008] AhnLab to Offer Free Anti-Virus Program

The computer security industry is seeing more and more companies offering free anti-virus programs that can detect and treat computer viruses in real time.

AhnLab, a security software company, said at a press conference in the Korea Press Center in Seoul on Wednesday that it will distribute a free real-time anti-virus program starting next Thursday.

The program not only detects and treats malicious codes but also features security functions such as an intrusion prevention system and a firewall.

Security software companies have come into conflict with portals and software companies like Naver, Yahoo and ESTsoft as these companies, which are not security specialists, have begun offering free anti-virus programs.

AhnLab's announcement means that other security software developers will likely jump on the bandwagon with free programs of their own.

AhnLab said that its free service will exclude some premium programs like its integrated security program V3 IS 2007 Platinum.

AhnLab president Oh Seok-joo said, "Our decision was based on our belief in the value of public interest. We will eventually develop a paid service differentiated from the free service for the general public."

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