Tuesday, August 28, 2007

[Tha Hankyoreh, August 24 2007] Red light for the telecommunications industry

Recent spate of accidents prompt experts to call for greater investment by telecommunications operators

A red light has flashed in the nation’s mobile communication and high-speed Internet network, which is considered to be the world’s best in terms of quality.

In this month alone, five separate accidents were recorded in the mobile communications and high-speed Internet industries. The accidents, three and two in each industry, respectively, have inconvenienced users. Meanwhile, individual companies in troubled areas are protesting to telecommunications operators about business losses caused by the telecommunications troubles.
[Tha Hankyoreh, August 24 2007] S. Korean government’s new press policy is under fire

Journalists voice concern over the so-called ’New Plan for Modernization of Media-support’

Journalists have increasingly raised concern about major curbs on press freedom as the government is taking steps to implement what it calls a “plan for the modernization of media support.”

Among other changes, the government’s plan is aimed at consolidating press rooms run by government ministries and banning journalists from meeting government officials in their work. Two consolidated press rooms began operating on August 13 in two major government buildings in Seoul and Gwacheon.
[The Hankyoreh, August 23 2007] Gov’t cancels electronic ID plan

Journalists outraged over the aborted move, insisting the plan undermines press freedom.

Facing mounting criticism, the Government Information Agency has cancelled a plan that would have obligated reporters to carry electronic chip-embedded identification cards so as to analyze their movements and monitor the overall use of its press room.

“We had considered tagging electronic chips to ID cards of individual reporters but canceled the plan,” an agency official said. “The chips were designed to monitor reporters checking in and out of our press room only.”
[Korea.net News, Science / Tech, August 16 2007] Scientists say nanotube properties can be used for TV-quality LCDs

Scientists said Thursday (Aug. 16) that they discovered new electroactive elastic qualities in carbon nanotubes that can enhance the quality of display panels.

The discovery is expected to overcome motion blur effects in displays, a key weakness in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) compared to conventional cathode ray tube TV screens.
[Korea.net News, Science / Tech, August 12 2007] Hynix creates souped-up 1-gigabyte mobile DRAM

Hynix Semiconductor Inc. announced Sunday (Aug. 12) that it has developed the world's fastest and smallest 1-gigabyte mobile DRAM and plans to start mass production in early 2008.

The new chip, mainly used in mobile phones, operates at the maximum speed of 200 MHz and is capable of processing 1.6 gigabytes of data per second, the world's second-largest computer memory chip maker said.
[Korea. net News, Science / Tech, August 4 2007] Korea to utilize RFID to improve service sector

Have you heard of RFID? It is an acronym for radio-frequency identification technology.The technology uses chips embedded in products to send and process information via radio frequencies and is already widely used to track inventory in the logistics industry and collect tolls automatically from regular commuters.

Korea plans to widen RFID use by implanting chips in almost every product in order to improve the country's service sector. To be more precise, it is to improve the sector's competitiveness.
[Korea. net News, Economy / Industry, August 16] LG Telecom to launch Yahoo!'s mobile search service this week

LG Telecom Ltd., Korea's smallest mobile service operator, said Thursday (Aug. 16) that it will launch a new mobile search service for its customers this week in cooperation with Yahoo! Korea.

Starting on Friday, LG Telecom said that its customers will be able to use Yahoo!'s "oneSearch" service on their handsets for more convenient mobile searches.
[Korea.net News, Economy / Industry, August 6 2007] Sales at online shopping malls grow 13% in June

Sales at Korea's online shopping malls rose 13 percent in June from a year earlier, thanks to increased purchases of computer and electronics equipment, a government report showed Monday (Aug. 6).

The combined sales at the cyber shopping malls amounted to 1.2 trillion won ($1.3 billion) in June, up from 1 trillion won a year earlier, the Korea National Statistical Office said in the report.

Monday, August 27, 2007

[Korea.net News, Economy / Industry, August 1 2007] Korea likely to churn out hybrid cars in 2011: think tank

Korea is expected to start mass production of hybrid-engined cars in 2011, a state-run think tank said Wednesday (Aug. 1).

The date is slightly later than estimates released by local car manufacturers that mass production could begin in 2010, the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET) said.
[Korea.net News, Economy / Industry, July 24 2007] Samsung Electronics, Armani seeking tie-up in electronics

Samsung Electronics Co., Korea's largest electronics manufacturer, said Tuesday (July 24) that it is in discussions with luxury brand Giorgio Armani on jointly producing electronics items.

"We are now in talks with Armani to work together in making premium goods such as mobile phones and televisions," a Samsung spokesperson said, declining to comment further.
[Korea.net News, Foreign Relations, July 26 2007] Cyber petition launched for release of Korean hostages

An online petition calling for the release of Koreans held as hostages in Afghanistan is gaining attention.

"Taliban Leaders: Free The Hostages," wrote Avaaz.org, an online social movement site, "If any more are killed, it could force aid agencies to pull out of Afghanistan -- denying the millions of Afghanis the help they need after years of war."
[Korea.net News, Nation, August 14 2007] Separated families of two Koreas continue video reunions

Scores of Korean families separated for over half a century were reunited Tuesday (Aug. 14) via video links set up in North Korea's capital Pyongyang and nine South Korean cities.

The video reunion, the sixth of its kind, began Monday for a two-day run, with 40 families from both sides meeting their relatives via large screens, a Unification Ministry official said.
[Korea.net News, Nation, August 13 2007] Korean procurement service wins e-Asia Award

The Public Procurement Service announced last Friday (Aug. 10) it has won the e-Asia Award for its online procurement system at the 25th Asia Pacific Council for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (AFACT) held from Aug. 6-11.

The newly awarded KONEPS, or Korean On-line Electronic Procurement System is the nation's largest online shopping mall for public organizations.