Wednesday, May 28, 2008

[The Chosun Ilbo, May 28 2008] Jackie Chan to Publicize Korean-Wave Theme Park

Gyeonggi Province is to appoint Jackie Chan as a goodwill ambassador for a Korean Wave theme park on Wednesday. Hallyuwood -- a conflation of “hallyu” or Korean wave and Hollywood -- features a variety of tourist facilities such as studios where Korean soap operas and films are made, entertainment facilities, museum, shops, Korean cooking classes and restaurants. The park is going up on a 990,000 sq.m site and is to be completed by 2012.
[The Chosun Ilbo, May 27 2008] Samsung Elec. Builds Phone with Infineon Chipset

In a bid to diversify its source of chipsets, a key component of mobile phones, Samsung Electronics has begun importing them from Germany's largest chip maker, Infineon Technologies.

Until recently, Samsung had imported all of its third-generation mobile phone chipsets from Qualcomm of the U.S., which owns the core CDMA technology. But in April the Korean company developed its first phone equipped with an Infineon chipset and began exporting it in early May.
[The Chosun Ilbo, May 27 2008] Korean Wave Turns to Kids for New Export Growth

Korean animation is sweeping the world, promoting the culture to a global audience. "Pororo the Little Penguin," which began airing on Education Broadcasting System in 2003, has been exported to 81 nations so far, including France where it has won viewing ratings of a whopping 57 percent on the country's largest terrestrial channel TF1. "Iron Kid" recently began airing across the U.S., topping the ratings list of terrestrial channels. "King of Card Mix Master" has been exported to 25 nations, and "Janggeum's Dream" to 27. Korean animation earned US$66.8 million from exports in 2006, compared to the $24.5 million earned overseas by Korean cinema. These cartoons for kids are emerging as a new edge of the Korean Wave.
[The Chosun Ilbo, May 26 2008] Samsung Starts Work on Massive Network Project

Samsung Electronics' ambitious enterprise resource planning (ERP) scheme to integrate the computer systems of its headquarters and more than 120 overseas affiliates is confirmed to be underway.

A total of W1 trillion (US$1=W1,048) has been budgeted for hardware, software and labor costs for the project, involving leading global IT firms such as HP, IBM, and SAP.
[The Chosun Ilbo, May 26 2008] East-Meets-Western Offers Hope for Korean Film Recovery

Invited to the Out of Competition section of the 61st International Cannes Film Festival, the Korean movie "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" screened at the Grand Theater Lumiere on Saturday (local time), giving the world its first glimpse at the potential of a bold new genre -- the Korean Western.
[The Chosun Ilbo, May 26 2008] Video Game Industry Expects More M&As

It is a known fact within the game industry that software providers have the upper hand as they are the ones introducing the up-and-coming computer games.

One local game manufacturer hit the jackpot with its computer dancing game which simulates a dancing competition for a maximum of six people. After taking over the Chinese market and enjoying more profit, the company decided to take things to the next level.
[The Chosun Ilbo, May 23 2008] How to Win the Hearts of the Public

President Lee Myung-bak apologized to the Korean people in a live televised press conference on Thursday, taking responsibility for the public outcry over the resumption of U.S. beef imports. “I very much regret all this,” the president said. “I admit that the government has been lacking in efforts to sound out public opinion and try to seek people's understanding. I also humbly accept the criticism that I have been negligent in carefully reading the public's mind.” The president bowed three times as he read his address.
[The Chosun Ilbo, May 23 2008] SK Telecom to Build 2nd-Gen WiBro Network

SK Telecom announced Thursday that it has succeeded in sending high-definition video using its WiBro technology in real time. Theoretically, WiBro with the improved "Wave 2" functionality can receive data at speeds of up to 37.44 Mbps and send at 10.08 Mbps.
[The Chosun Ilbo, May 23 2008] The Brave New World of Online Part-Time Marketing

Companies increasingly use part-timers to take care of their online marketing, some paying active Internet users to promote their products on the web through planted consumer reviews on dedicated sites or other more or less clandestine puffs.

◆ Who spends how much and how?
◆ An evolving discipline
[The Chosun Ilbo, May 23 2008] Korea's Animation Industry Maturing

With a growing number of Korean animated characters gaining international fame, Korea is becoming one of the leading countries in animation. More companies are getting the chance to enter lucrative foreign markets.

"Pororo the Little Penguin" is what children are all hyped up about, both in Korea and abroad. Its creators have already exported content currently being aired in ten countries outside Korea. As for the reasons behind the country's fast growing animation market, the company says it is due to a major shift in production.

On Wednesday one of Asia's biggest animation festivals lifted its curtains in Seoul. The event was originally established to promote the Korean animation and cartoon industry, as well as to provide a platform for local talent. But now it has grown into a world-renowned festival featuring the latest trends in animated films and works of artists from around the globe.
[The Chosun Ilbo, May 23 2008] IOC Singing Contest Winner Voiture Performs in Seoul

Korean a cappella group Voiture, which took first prize at the International Olympic Committee's "Sport and Singing Contest" held a special concert in Seoul on Thursday.