Wednesday, May 28, 2008

[The Chosun Ilbo, May 23 2008] Korea's Animation Industry Maturing

With a growing number of Korean animated characters gaining international fame, Korea is becoming one of the leading countries in animation. More companies are getting the chance to enter lucrative foreign markets.

"Pororo the Little Penguin" is what children are all hyped up about, both in Korea and abroad. Its creators have already exported content currently being aired in ten countries outside Korea. As for the reasons behind the country's fast growing animation market, the company says it is due to a major shift in production.

On Wednesday one of Asia's biggest animation festivals lifted its curtains in Seoul. The event was originally established to promote the Korean animation and cartoon industry, as well as to provide a platform for local talent. But now it has grown into a world-renowned festival featuring the latest trends in animated films and works of artists from around the globe.

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