Wednesday, May 28, 2008

[The Chosun Ilbo, May 27 2008] Korean Wave Turns to Kids for New Export Growth

Korean animation is sweeping the world, promoting the culture to a global audience. "Pororo the Little Penguin," which began airing on Education Broadcasting System in 2003, has been exported to 81 nations so far, including France where it has won viewing ratings of a whopping 57 percent on the country's largest terrestrial channel TF1. "Iron Kid" recently began airing across the U.S., topping the ratings list of terrestrial channels. "King of Card Mix Master" has been exported to 25 nations, and "Janggeum's Dream" to 27. Korean animation earned US$66.8 million from exports in 2006, compared to the $24.5 million earned overseas by Korean cinema. These cartoons for kids are emerging as a new edge of the Korean Wave.

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