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[Chosun Ilbo, September 30 2008] Online Newspapers Fight Against Illegal Distribution

The Korea Online Newspaper Association, a body of 12 major domestic online newspaper companies, said Monday it is launching a campaign to protect the copyright of news content in October.

The group feels portal sites, the major distribution channel of online news, are listing and redistributing illegally copied materials and decided to urge them to prevent this.
[Chosun Ilbo, September 29 2008] Defense Industries Assailed by Hackers

The country's defense industry faces a serious security risk from hackers. Grand National Party lawmaker said Sunday based on data provided by the National Security Research Institute that LIGNex1, a guided missile manufacturer, uncovered malicious codes in its major computer systems planted by hackers in March, and Hyundai Heavy Industries, which makes naval vessels, found them in September.
[Hankyoreh, September 26 2008] [Column] Media workers must advocate for media freedoms

Hong Se-hwa, Current affairs reporter

A large banner reading “Defend The Producer’s Notebook” hung on a wall at the headquarters of the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation on the afternoon of September 24, which marked the 30th day of protests being led by two MBC producers, Kim Bo-seul and Lee Choon-geun. The two are protesting the prosecution’s investigation of them over an episode of their current affairs TV program “The Producer’s Notebook” titled “U.S. Beef, Is It Safe from Mad Cow Disease?”

Since the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries asked prosecutors to investigate the MBC producers on charges of alleged defamation in July, the prosecution has tried to summon Kim and Lee three times, but the producers refused to appear for questioning.
[Hankyoreh, September 24 2008] Roh’s activity on his Web site gives rise to speculation about his intentions

Some believe former president is trying to reenter political sphere, while others view it as part of a new political culture

Statements by former President Roh Moo-hyun have suddenly grown frequent through his “Democracy 2.0” Web site. Since opening his website on September 18 to yesterday, he has left 13 posts in both the debate forum and the open forum. That would be 4--5 posts a day, not counting the weekend. He has even posted at 3:21 a.m. There are one-line posts, too, but he is actively stating his opinion about major pending issues like neoliberalism and the financial crisis and Korea’s pension system.

Monday, September 29, 2008


[Korea.net News, Kor-respondents, September 05 2008] Korean dramas carve a niche in Japan

[Korea.net News, Kor-respondents, August 21 2008] Hallyu in Northeastern States of India

[Korea.net News, Kor-respondents, August 13 2008] 'Delicious' boys lead hallyu in Indonesia

[Korea.net News, Kor-respondents, August 11 2008] China's first taste of the Korean wave
[Korea.net News, Kor-respondents, June 29 2008] Growing prowess of Korean IT sector and India

By Sandip Kumar Mishra

Korea successfully hosted the OECD IT ministerial meeting on June 16-18, 2008 in Seoul. It marks the recognition of the fact that Korea has emerged as an IT superpower with high Internet penetration and advanced IT technology. It is the first time that such an OECD ministerial meeting is being held in Asia. It is pertinent to note that more than three quarters of all households in Korea have high-speed Internet, which is higher than any other country in the world.
[Korea.net News, Expats' Lounge, September 02 2008] Quarterly magazine to promote Korean books abroad

To better offer overseas readers wider access to Korean literature, a state-run literature translation body is publishing a quarterly magazine focusing on Korean books and authors.

In a project aimed at introducing Korean literature to international readers, the Korea Literature Translation Institute under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism publishes "List - Books from Korea" in English and Chinese.
[Korea.net News, Expats' Lounge, August 26 2008] Changwon to publish English newspaper

Starting next month, the self-governing city of Changwon plans to publish a monthly English newspaper.

It is the first time any city has done this.

Changwon, a city in Korea's southern Gyeongsangnam-do (South Gyeongsang Province), said it will publish the first issue of the monthly paper, to be named “The Changwon Times,” on Sept. 15.
[Korea.net News, Expats' Lounge, May 19 2008] Accessing websites to be streamlined for foreigners

Starting soon, all non-citizens in Korea -- including residents, tourists and short-term visitors -- will be able to use services available on the Internet more freely, thanks to an expanded identification-verifying service.

The Ministry of Justice said Sunday (May 18) that it plans to expand the identification-checking service for foreign travelers and other short-term foreign nationals in order to allow them to have more access to Korean websites that often require ID numbers to verify real names for online membership.
[Korea.net News, Expats' Lounge, September 17 2008] Busan set to launch 24-hour English FM

The second largest Korean city is set to kick off its 24-hour English FM channel within this year.

[Korea.net News, Expats' Lounge, August 19 2008] Multilingual radio channel launched

A recently launched radio channel is becoming a new venue for families with overseas roots to stay in touch with the events of their respective homelands.

[Korea.net News, Expats' Lounge, May 13 2008] Ethnic radio for Asian communities launched

A multi-lingual radio channel for Asian communities will be launched this summer servicing Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Thai-speaking communities.

Woongjin Group, a major Korean publishing company, announced Monday (May 12) that its charity foundation Woongjin Group will begin a radio channel for non-Korean listeners starting from August 1, 2008.
[Korea.net News, Expats' Lounge, May 06 2008] English FM radio to go nationwide

English-language FM broadcasting is to debut in the Seoul metropolitan area and major cities within this year for foreigners staying in Korea and students studying English.

The Korea Communications Commission gave the green light to the plan to expand the reach of the FM English radio broadcaster nationwide from Jejudo (Jeju Island), the only region that operates such a service for now.
[Korea.net News, Expats' Lounge, April 21 2008] Yahoo opens English Web site offering Korea information

The Korean Web site of the U.S. Internet search engine Yahoo has opened an English Web site providing information and news on Korea, the company said Monday (Apr. 21).

The Web site, dubbed Inside Korea, at http://kr.yahoo.com/insidekr/insidekr.html provides news and general information including travel, housing and employment information on Korea, Yahoo! Korea said.
[Korea.net News, Expats' Lounge, February 29 2008] Seoul to expand online service for foreigners

Korea will offer expanded online services to foreigners wanting to make business investments, visit and study in the country, the government said Friday (Feb. 29).

The one-stop service can be accessed from Saturday by clicking onto two government-run Internet portals (www.hikorea.go.kr and www.g4f.go.kr), the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy said.
[Korea.net News, Expats' Lounge, February 05 2008] Incheon taxis to introduce telephone interpreting service

Incheon, Korea's main air gateway, will introduce a language assistance system from March this year for non-Korean-speaking passengers, Incheon Metropolitan Government announced Tuesday (Feb. 5).

[Korea.net News, Kor-respondents, September 12 2008] Japanese obsession with Dokdo

[Korea.net News, People, September 22 2008] PR expert to direct world's attention to Dokdo, Hangeul

[Korea.net News, People, September 11 2008] A veteran artist's love of Dokdo

[Korea.net News, People, July 11 2008] Korean singer runs ad on Dokdo in NYT
[Korea.net News, People, July 11 2008] Bae Yong-joon rekindles Korean wave

By Lee Ji-yoon

Asia's heartthrob Bae Yong-joon visited Japan last month to promote his latest TV drama "Taewangsashingi (The Four Guardian Gods of the King)." Since the premiere of the movie "April Snow" three years ago, it was his first official visit to the country where he is affectionately known as "Yonsama."

Bae and other co-stars participated in the premium event held in Osaka on June 1, attracting more than 35,000 people and keen interest from the Japanese media.
Yeosu World Expo:

[Korea.net News, Kor-respondents, January 21 2008] 2012 Yeosu Expo Korea- Toward solving global oceanic issues

[Korea.net News, People, December 24, 2007] Kim Jae-chul key strategist in 2012 Yeosu Expo bid