Monday, September 29, 2008

[ News, Expats' Lounge, September 17 2008] Busan set to launch 24-hour English FM

The second largest Korean city is set to kick off its 24-hour English FM channel within this year.

[ News, Expats' Lounge, August 19 2008] Multilingual radio channel launched

A recently launched radio channel is becoming a new venue for families with overseas roots to stay in touch with the events of their respective homelands.

[ News, Expats' Lounge, May 13 2008] Ethnic radio for Asian communities launched

A multi-lingual radio channel for Asian communities will be launched this summer servicing Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Thai-speaking communities.

Woongjin Group, a major Korean publishing company, announced Monday (May 12) that its charity foundation Woongjin Group will begin a radio channel for non-Korean listeners starting from August 1, 2008.

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