Monday, December 04, 2006

The Korea Times : Role of Quality Journalism in Environment
The Korea Herald : The Nation's No.1 English Newspaper: " SK Telecom to launch mobile network games

SK Telecom Co., the country's largest wireless operator, said yesterday it would shortly unveil 30 kinds of mobile network games including three-dimensional battles, first-person shooters, strategic simulations and one-button games."
Korea's IT minister to launch overseas tour to strengthen tech ties| News: "Korea's top technology policymaker will embark on an overseas trip to three countries next week in order to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the information technology sector (IT), the nation's Information Ministry said Friday (Dec. 1). "
Individuals can become broadcasters| News: "Web users can broadcast video clips to pre-registered audiences from across the world on a real-time basis thanks to a new channel service, called Hooopy.

Shotech, a Korean developer of online marketing solutions, said on Tuesday (Nov. 28) that the venture startup had commercially launched the English-language service Hooopy.

“Hooopy is a platform that enables users to transmit video clips or digital music files in real time to whoever agrees to receive them in advance,” Shotech President Sho Ryu said. "
Technology think tank develops reality-mixed e-learning system| News: "The state-run Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) has developed an e-learning system, under which students are be able to learn in the classroom or at home with both real textbooks and three-dimensional virtual contents. "
Cell phones revolutionize Korean lifestyles| News: "The Internet, a watch, credit card, MP3 player, digital camera, subway ticket, dictionary and alarm clock -- What do these things have in common?

In case you don't have an answer, here's a hint. All these functions are neatly tucked into one small gadget, and more than 40 million Koreans, or about four in five, have them in their pockets, hang them around their necks, carry them in their bags or clip them on their belts. Simply, they are ubiquitous. "
Big Brother Is Watching You - OhmyNews International:
"Widespread use of security cameras in Korea causes invasion of privacy

Published 2006-12-03 18:38 (KST)

They are everywhere, most of the time they are inconspicuously placed, secretly watching our every move. Other times they are placed out in the open with signs announcing their presence in an attempt to scare us to comply with the established rules. Surveillance cameras are now a part of our everyday life."
INSIDE JoongAng Daily: "Hooopy: Real-time news to your desktop
November 24, 2006 ㅡ Fans of high tech may start going Hooopy.

A Korean venture company has developed an English language service that enables people to choose Web sites, blogs, or other media content and receive that content on their desk top computer in real-time. "
INSIDE JoongAng Daily: "Internet-assisted suicides rise as legal bars obstruct rescues

December 04, 2006 ㅡ A 19-year-old female college student in Seoul typed 'potassium cyanide' into a search box on the portal site Naver in mid-October. In a second, she found a series of postings about suicide on the Web site's board where users ask and answer questions. " [english donga]:

"Digital Cameras, the Omnipotent Individual Information Appliance

MARCH 30, 2004 22:45
by Tae-Han Kim (

--Troublesome pen, go away!

In a classroom of a college, students are eager to push the buttons of their digital cameras when the professor leaves the classroom.

“I don’t have to laboriously write down all the stuff on the board. I can print it out after taking a picture with my digital camera,” remarked Lee Su-jin, a college student, 20.

A borrowed notebook of a friend no longer needs to be photocopied. Printing out digital camera-captured pictures is same in respect to quality.

“When I am faced with the important part when I read a book in a library, I take it as a picture with my digital camera,” remarked Kim Soo-jung, 27, who majors in design art.

Large bookstores are suffering from the digital camera mania because people take pictures of the necessary parts of the book rather than buying the whole book."
Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) : Daily News in English About Korea: "Sony Hesitates to Bring PlayStation 3 to Korea "
South, North Korean journalist associations meet for first time : National : Home:

"Journalist associations from South and North Korea met for the first time in 61 years on Wednesday to discuss ways to promote inter-Korean exchanges and reconciliation.

The meeting at Mt. Geumgang, a scenic resort on North Korea's east coast, brought together 115 journalists from South Korea and 50 from the North, according to the Seoul-based Journalists Association of Korea (JAK).

The South Korean journalists at the meeting were from news agencies, newspapers and online media, along with producers from broadcasting companies, while North Korean reporters from official media such as the Rodong Sinmun, the organ of the North's ruling Worker's Party of Korea, the Korean Central News Agency and Radio Pyongyang participated."
Korean waves sweeps Jeju : Arts & Entertainment : Home: "Star-studded int'l expo hopes to deepen understanding of Korean pop culture to Asia"
Increased Internet information leaks raise alarm : National : Home:
"There are growing worries over the Internet violence in Korea."