Monday, December 04, 2006 [english donga]:

"Digital Cameras, the Omnipotent Individual Information Appliance

MARCH 30, 2004 22:45
by Tae-Han Kim (

--Troublesome pen, go away!

In a classroom of a college, students are eager to push the buttons of their digital cameras when the professor leaves the classroom.

“I don’t have to laboriously write down all the stuff on the board. I can print it out after taking a picture with my digital camera,” remarked Lee Su-jin, a college student, 20.

A borrowed notebook of a friend no longer needs to be photocopied. Printing out digital camera-captured pictures is same in respect to quality.

“When I am faced with the important part when I read a book in a library, I take it as a picture with my digital camera,” remarked Kim Soo-jung, 27, who majors in design art.

Large bookstores are suffering from the digital camera mania because people take pictures of the necessary parts of the book rather than buying the whole book."

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