Wednesday, February 13, 2008

[The Chosun Ilbo, January 29 2008] Songdo City Development Rising in Incheon

Incheon, a port city on Korea's west coast, has long been a gateway for the country's export-driven economy. Building on this existing strength four years ago, the Incheon Free Economic Zone or IFEZ was launched to turn the area into an economic hub for Northeast Asia.

At IFEZ's core will be the international business city of Songdo with the Incheon International Airport on Yeongjeong Island and Cheongna leisure area nearby.

Some parts of the zone are being built on land reclaimed from the sea. Under construction now is the Northeast Asia Trade Tower rising to 64 stories. The new Incheon Bridge will be the main access to Songdo for people landing at Incheon International Airport.

About 45 global enterprises have already agreed to conduct business in IFEZ. The UN Economic and Social Commission has established a training center there for information technology.

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