Thursday, February 14, 2008

[The Chosun Ilbo, February 5 2008] Korean Electronics Makers Produce '10-Million Sellers'

Korean electronics manufacturers are concentrating on producing "10-million sellers" -- hoping to sell more than 10 million units of a single product.

A 10-million seller is a watershed product for electronics manufacturers to quickly enhance their brand recognition and minimize their unit production costs through economies of scale.

As the global competitiveness of Korean electronic firms increases, the number of such hit products is also growing.

LG Electronics saw several of its products top the 10-million mark last year, including its Chocolate phone, Whisen air conditioner and LCD monitor. This year the company aims to achieve the same with other hit products, including the Shine phone and LCD TV.

Samsung Electronics believes its Bordeaux LCD TV will cross the 10-million mark this year. Debuting in 2006, the Bordeaux TV has been very popular thanks to its luxurious design, selling more than 5 million units as of late last year.

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