Tuesday, November 27, 2007

[Korea.net News, Society, November 26 2007] Experience Ubiquitous Seoul at Cheonggyecheon event

Experience a rush of high-tech cyberspace and nature in one central-Seoul spot.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced Monday (Nov. 26) that it would launch a ubiquitous service along the city’s reclaimed stream Cheonggyechon from Tuesday to Friday (Nov. 27 -30). Dubbed "U-Cheonggyecheon Test bed," the event is co-hosted by the Ministry of Information and Communication and will provide samples of future technology.

In the information both, visitors can interact with the Media Board and Free Board. The former promises a Hollywood-like experience in a three-dimensional virtual reality, while the latter will provide the means for people to make their own photo albums and create UCC to e-mail friends and relatives. Visitors will also be able to sign a digital guest book.

Then there’s a GPS-based, multilingual history tour that visitors can access from a mobile phone. The handset will automatically perceive one’s position and provide an account of the location and history of the area where the tourist is standing.

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