Tuesday, November 27, 2007

[Korea.net News, Science / Tech, November 15 2007] Hynix develops graphic memory chip with larger storage capacity, faster speed

Hynix Semiconductor Inc., the world's second-largest manufacturer of computer-memory chips, said Thursday (Nov. 15) that it has developed a graphic memory chip with larger storage capacity and enhanced data processing speeds.

The 1-gigabit GDDR5 DRAM can deal with up to 20 gigabytes of data per second, 60 percent faster than the previous GDDR4 models in terms of data-processing speed, the company said in a statement.

GDDR DRAM is a graphic memory chip mostly used for game consoles and other devices that require vivid and dynamic moving images. Hynix said it will start mass-producing the latest memory chips during the first half of next year.

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