Tuesday, November 27, 2007

[Korea.net News, Sceince / Tech, November 21 2007] Special parliamentary committee fixes IPTV bill

A special committee of the National Assembly on Tuesday fixed and resolved a bill on Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), ending three years of heated debate on the introduction of the new media service in the country (Nov. 20).

Instead of being delivered through traditional broadcast and cable formats, IPTV delivers digital television service via Internet Protocol by using computer network infrastructure such as broadband.

In Korea, the introduction of IPTV has been delayed as the ministry and local broadcasters have argued over how to regulate the new service. The ministry wanted IPTV to be regarded as a new medium, while local broadcasters said it should be regulated by existing broadcasting law.

The National Assembly's broadcasting and communication special committee resolved the provisionally named "Bill on Internet Multimedia Broadcasting Business" at its plenary session earlier in the day.

After going through the Assembly's legislation and judiciary committee, the bill is expected to be handled during the ongoing Assembly's regular session that will end on Friday.

The bill, if passed, will enable the launch of IPTV service in May or June next year, and will serve as an enormous economic boost, experts said.

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