Tuesday, November 27, 2007

[Korea.net News, Government Press Releases, November 21 2007] Ministry Trains Global Leaders in Educational ICT in Hands with the World Bank

"ICT for Education Leaders: From Vision to Reality," a new course offering on ICT and Education, took place on November 12~16, 2007 in Seoul, Korea, under the co-host of the Korean Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development and the World Bank Institute.

Organized by the Korean Education Research and Information Service(KERIS), with partnership support from InfoDev and UNESCO-Bangkok, the new initiative brought together around 40 mid-level government officials and educational experts from 23 developing countries, to explore how a country’s education system and policies can be enriched through the application of advanced information and communications technologies.

The special course came as an effort to help policy makers identify the imperatives that traditional education systems are facing, by raising awareness and understanding about the essential elements of effective ICT integration. For the participants, the course also offered venue to co-address the issue of the worldwide digital divide, and develop partnerships towards bridging the different speed sand levels of knowledge and information development.

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