Monday, February 18, 2008

[ News, Culture / Events, December 24 2007] Struggle of comedian-turned-director finally pays off

It wasn’t an easy decision for Shim Hyung-rae to give up his fame and reputation as a top comedian after being chosen as the most lucrative entertainer in the 1990s, but he couldn’t stop himself from taking an audacious chance to become a movie director.

He said he was so fascinated by the potential of sci-fi films, which can appeal to everyone regardless of their nationality, age, ideology and gender.

But after repeated failures, some called his movie business quest stubborn foolishness although some praised his persistence.

In particular, the failure of his movie “Yonggary,” the nation’s first big-budget science-fiction film that was released in 1999, hit him hard.

But six years have passed since “Yonggary,” and Shim finally achieved his ultimate goal -- a wide release in the United States and full-fledged computer-generated graphics with his monster-fest movie "D-War,"

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