Monday, February 18, 2008

[ News, Culture / Events, February 1 2008] [Photo News] Korea's favorite action figure returns

Robot Taekwon V, one of Korea’s favorite action figures of the 70s is being displayed in New York. The exhibition "Toy Stories: souvenirs from Korean Childhood" displayed on the 8th floor of the Korea Society building at 950 Third Avenue, New York City will run from January 31 to April 18, 2008.

Other popular Korean toys of the 70s and 80s on display include miniature cars, trucks, paper dolls and ttakchi, a Korean cardboard game. Below is a display of heroic figures modelled from overseas including Atom (left) from Japan, Superman from the U.S. and Ultraman, again from Japan.

Meanwhile back in Seoul, a renewed Taekwon V figure was displayed at the Assem conference room in COEX Center few days during the occasion to explain the remake of the popular animation into a real live movie to be released next year.

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