Wednesday, February 20, 2008

[ News, Science / Tech, December 20 2007] Korea gears up efforts to become science leader

The government has worked out a plan to make Korea one of the world’s top five science and technology leaders by 2012.

In a science and technology committee meeting held at a Seoul hotel Thursday (Dec. 20), Minister of Science and Technology Kim Woo-sik and relevant officials discussed five-year plans to bring the country into the ranks of the world’s leaders in science and technology.

The committee mapped out a plan to expand R&D, biotechnology development and tech startup nurturing.

It also discussed ways to limit damage from natural disasters and assist provinces with their individual science and technology development plans.

Under the slogan World-best Science Nation, the government will continuously increase its R&D budget for related sectors and modify science and technology innovation strategies accordingly, the officials said.

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