Monday, April 14, 2008

[ News, Science / Tech, April 12 2008] Mobile phones evolving into personalized helpers

Can your phone guide you where you need to go fishing, make a shot when playing golf, or check your heartbeat while exercising? Well, some will say, "Yes."

As mobile phones are widely used by many, mobile communication operators introduce more customized lifestyle services in order to meet customers’ various needs ranging from outdoor leisure activities to blood sugar level and calorie check functions.

Last year, Korea’s number one mobile carrier SK Telecom Co. launched an "AnyFishing Service" designed to assist those who love to go fishing throughout the year. By sending ultrasonic waves to a radio frequency receiver through a float-shaped electronic device linked to a special stick separate from the fishing rod, this service provides users with information on the depth and temperature of the water and location of fish. Users will then be able to see the information received on a receiver connected to their mobile phones.

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