Monday, April 14, 2008

[ News, Society, December 6 2007] Korean drama attracts huge audiences in Japan

A Korean historical drama featuring heartthrob Bae Yong-jun as the protagonist is experiencing great success in Japan since it opened to the public here this week.

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK aired the first episode of "Taewangsashingi" ("The Four Guardian Gods of the King") via its satellite channel on Monday, proving huge popularity among Japanese viewers.

"Taewangsashingi" unfolds the saga of Damdeok, played by Bae Yong-jun, the 19th king of the Korean kingdom of Koguryo (37 B.C.-668 A.D.). The fantasy-like tale is packed with battle and action scenes enhanced by computer graphics, made possible by the series’ massive 43 billion won ($46 million) budget.

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