Monday, April 14, 2008

[ News, Science / Tech, March 30 2008] Korea-led WiBro technology ready for takeoff

Korea’s homegrown portable Internet service, called Wibro in Korea and known as Mobile WiMax around the world, is speeding up its global deployment.

Korea’s electronic giant Samsung Electronics and POSDATA are gearing up to enter the global market as Korea’s WiBro was included as one of the six international standard platforms for third-generation mobile technology in October 2007.

Also known as an improved version of WiMax, developed by Korea’s Samsung Electronics and U.S.-based Intel, WiBro, a standard for wireless communication that debuted in Korea in June 2006, allows people on the road to remain hooked up to the Internet at the speed of a fixed-line broadband connection. Its speed is fast enough to download dozens of MP3 files per minute.

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