Thursday, June 26, 2008

[The Hankyoreh, June 17 2008] Tasty rewards

The members of My Club, a famous Internet portal site for women, sent gifts of bread, fruit, sandwiches and Korean traditional cakes to The Hankyoreh on June 16. Most of the members of My Club are homemakers.

The gifts were sent to The Hankyoreh’s offices in the Gongdeok neighborhood of the Mapo district in appreciation of the newspaper’s coverage of the candlelight protests and the U.S. beef issue.

A My Club member with the nickname “Dim sum” wrote, “The future of Korea is so bright due to your reporting on the issue.”

Another member said, ”I will have The Hankyoreh delivered to my parents.”

Still another expressed the wish to hold shares in the newspaper, which is completely citizen-owned.

My Club members raised funds and put a paid advertisement for renegotiation of the U.S. beef agreement in The Hankyoreh on May 29 and June 11.

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