Thursday, June 26, 2008

[The Hankyoreh, June 14 2008] Conservative protesters tried to force their way into MBC and KBS

MBC and KBS have provided incorrect information on U.S. beef, protesters say

Members of conservative organizations held a demonstration and tried to force their way into the Munwha Broadcasting Corporation and Korea Broadcasting System on the evening of June 13. Those protesting argued that the two television stations have reported incorrect information on U.S. beef.

The demonstrations began at 3 p.m., with approximately 7,000 members of conservative organizations, including the Korean Association of Veterans Suffering from Agent Orange and the Free Citizen’s Alliance of Korea, demonstrating in front of Seoul Station. Through the demonstration, they were hoping to convey the message that the candlelight protests “have been made by pro-leftists to incite disrupt society.” Next, protesters marched to Cheonggyecheon Plaza for a 5 p.m. demonstration. They broke some pictures that were exhibited at candle vigil.

An hour later, protesters moved toward MBC and KBS, both of which are located on Yeouido. Of the 500 people demonstrating in front of MBC, 40 tried to go over the wall in front of the building and scuffled with police.

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