Thursday, June 26, 2008

[The Hankyoreh, June 12 2008] Audit board launches investigation into KBS

UDP, civic groups see it as political move aimed at ousting KBS president

The Board of Audit and Inspection launched an audit investigation into the Korea Broadcasting System on June 11, inciting calls of impropriety from KBS, media organizations, civic groups and the political arena.

Later that day, KBS issued a statement criticizing the audit. In the statement, KBS says it is being targeted by the BAI, considering the BAI’s unprecedented request for comprehensive data. The KBS statement also says there is plenty of evidence showing that the audit was initiated by government agencies in charge of managing KBS and others in the political community. This kind of omni-directional pressure poses a significant threat to the existence of media companies that try to be free from money and government power, KBS said in the statement.

A KBS official said, “The BAI has requested data on all of the issues mentioned by conservative organizations. It also demanded that KBS submit data on programs produced by firms hired by KBS that have been under investigation by the National Tax Service.”

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