Saturday, March 29, 2008

[The Chosun Ilbo, March 5 2008] Chosun Ilbo to Commemorate An Jung-geun

The Chosun Ilbo will lead a series of events until 2010 to mark the 100th anniversary of Korean independence activist An Jung-geun’s killing of Japan’s first prime minister Hirobumi Ito and the 200th anniversary of his death, in cooperation with civic organizations.


The Chosun Ilbo will support a donation drive for a memorial to An, which will cost W16 billion (US$1=W947). The government will pay W13 billion for the construction and the remaining W3 billion will be covered by donations. The Chosun Ilbo will also actively sponsor commemorative international academic seminars and dedicate next year’s Chuncheon Marathon to the event. The newspaper hosts the marathon every October.

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