Friday, March 28, 2008

[The Chosun Ilbo, February 18 2008]'s New 'Corrections' Page

On the first pages of the Internet websites of the New York Times and the Washington Post is a menu option that cannot be found on the homepages of Korean news media. It's a button that leads to a "Corrections" page. For example, accessing the Jan. 11 (Korean time) edition of and clicking on the Corrections link on the menu located on the left side of the screen, a viewer can see 15 corrected articles in fields ranging from sports to real estate to books. Major U.S. news media aren't satisfied with just putting a corrections link on the first pages of their websites. Articles containing mistakes are flagged with a subtitle "Correction Appended" which is printed under the headline. And the corrected content is written in a different font at the end of those articles. Readers accessing news through Google searches can read the corrected New York Times articles.


Starting today, has begun a service on its website that shows a corrected version of articles and writings that refute previous articles. Placed on the middle of the menu on the right hand side of the first page of is a "Corrections" icon. Linked are corrections to erroneous articles that have appeared on over the last three years. And the erroneous articles carry separate signs that read "Correction Appended." Now our readers will be able to read both the erroneous article and the corrected version on the same page. This may be a small move, but we believe it is the way to regain the trust of our readers.

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