Tuesday, February 26, 2008

[Korea.net News, Science / Tech, January 16 2008] Korea to inject 316 bil. won to advance space program


The Ministry of Science and Technology said the plan calls for 126.6 billion won to be allocated to the development of three multipurpose satellites that can take detailed pictures of the earth from space, and 70.7 billion to build fixed-orbit communications and weather observation satellites.

After having launched the Arirang 2 multipurpose satellite in July 2006, Seoul is aiming to launch the Arirang 3, which will carry a camera with resolution of 0.7 meters, the Arirang 3A which can take infra-red images of the earth and the Arirang 5, capable of compiling radar images.


After having entered the space-race later than most other countries, Korea has made concerted efforts to catch up, and plans to send its first citizen into space in early April. It announced a long-term program last year to send a unmanned probe to the moon by 2020.

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