Tuesday, February 26, 2008

[Korea.net News, Science / Tech, January 31 2008] Next-gen mobile communication prototype unveiled

A domestic think tank has developed the prototype for next-generation mobile communication and demonstrated the service for the first time in the world.

The Information and Communication Ministry announced Wednesday (Jan. 30) the development of the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GGP) LTE/SAE by the state-supported Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute in the Daedeok Science Town of Daejeon.

The new technology follows wideband CDMA and is considered the leading candidate for next-generation mobile communication technology.

Experts say the prototype will preoccupy the 2008 race for the fourth-generation (4G) international communication standard.

The think tank hosted a 3GGP LTE/SAE display at its building and demonstrated wireless transmission service, voice phone, video on demand and real-time WebCam broadcasting. The demonstration also featured data transmission on the move.

The technologies can be applied to every communication standard from modems to higher applications.

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