Tuesday, February 26, 2008

[Korea.net News, Science / Tech, January 21 2008] YouTube likely to launch Korea service: sources

YouTube, the world’s largest Internet site for sharing video clips and other user-created content (UCC), may launch its Korean service soon aimed at tech-savvy local cyberspace browsers, according to sources Monday (Jan. 21).

"We will hold our first large-scale press conference here in Korea on Wednesday with high-ranking officials not just from YouTube but also its parent company, Google Inc.," a YouTube spokesperson said.

"That is in line with our plan to launch localized services in Korea."

The spokesperson, however, declined to elaborate on what will be announced. "Details will be available during the the press conference. Whether it is just about a Korean-language service or a revamped service tailored for local users cannot be revealed either," she added.


YouTube has been preparing to start its Korean service for the past year with the initial aim of launching its local operations in the second half of last year. But the launch was delayed because the company reportedly wanted to avoid the presidential election in December, believing the election would steal media attention away from its start-up.

Korea is one of the most wired countries in the world with most of the younger generation having access to high-speed Internet connections. They not just browse cyberspace, but also create their own content with digital cameras or camera-equipped mobile phones.

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