Friday, February 08, 2008

[The Chosun Ilbo, January 11 2008] Heated Competition Lies Ahead with IPTV Services

Competition for TV audiences is expected to get more intense this year. The National Assembly passed a law late last December that paves the way for real-time Internet Protocol Television broadcasting services.

Analysts say real-time IPTV could be put to commercial use within the first half of this year, pitting cable operators and telecommunications companies squarely against each other.

Telecoms are using IPTV which also offers video-on-demand and online shopping services to get in on digital TV action.

Cable operators are bracing for the coming competition by bundling TV, high-speed Internet and Internet phone-calling services into single packages.

Meanwhile top mobile carrier SK Telecom has an acquisition pending for Internet service provider Hanaro Telecom to give the companies an extra edge.

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