Friday, February 08, 2008

[The Chosun Ilbo, January 10 2008] Rare Pictures of Korean Pavilion at 1900 World Expo Surface

A Paris-based collector has unearthed rare photos of the Korean pavilion at the World Expo in the French capital in 1900. Oh Young-kyo found the pictures which were published in Paul Gers’ book “1900.”

The photos are of the outside of the Korean pavilion, a steel dragon sculpture, musical instruments, weapons and clothing. They also include images of King Kojong’s envoy Min Yeong-chan and Lee Bum-jin, Korea’s diplomatic representative in Russia, Austria and France, who later killed himself in 1910 in protest against Japan’s annexation of Korea. The French sponsor and architect of the Korean pavilion, Le Conte Mimerel and Eugene Ferret, are also seen.

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