Wednesday, February 06, 2008

AsiaMedia :: KOREA: Herald Media chairman resigns

AsiaMedia :: KOREA: Herald Media chairman resigns: "Herald Media seeks to separate ownership and management, as well as management and editorial direction

The Korea Herald
Tuesday, February 5, 2008
By Lee Joo-hee

Herald Media, the publisher of The Korea Herald and The Herald Business, yesterday announced a major management overhaul, aimed at further enhancing the efficiency and transparency of its operations.
The company said its largest shareholder, Hong Jung-wook, is resigning as chairman, chief executive officer and publisher.

A new CEO and a new publisher will be named soon, as the company seeks to operate on the basis of separation between ownership and management, as well as between management and editorial responsibility.

'With a split between ownership and management, and a fully independent editorial responsibility, Herald Media has cemented a foothold to develop a step further into becoming an advanced media group,' Hong said in a statement."

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