Saturday, October 13, 2007

[The Hankyoreh, October 11 2007] Gov’t and journalists locked in debate over press room closures

Reporters refuse to vacate five ministries and take action in defiance of gov’t plan

The Government Information Agency announced that the existing press rooms of the ministries will close on October 11 and reporters covering the Office of the Prime Minister and the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Construction and Transportation, Information and Communication, and Maritime Affairs and Fisheries said on October 10 they will continue to work in the press rooms in defiance of the GIA’s plan.

Reporters covering five government agencies held a meeting on October 10 and agreed to continue to work in the press rooms without moving to a joint briefing center prepared by the government. In August, two other consolidated briefing rooms began operating in Seoul and Gwacheon. However, the new press briefing formula is not working well due to strong resistance from the reporters who have refused to attend the briefings.

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