Sunday, October 07, 2007

[The Chosun Ilbo, October 4 2007] Court Experiments with High-Tech Tools

A large 1-m by 1-m screen was hung in a courtroom at the Seoul Central District Court on Thursday. As a digital projector displayed an image on the screen, an attorney pleaded his case using a laser pointer to indicate various items.

"This shows the article posted on a jobs website. When you click the bottom of the article, people can see the photos of LG Electronics applicants. When you click a photo, the person's personal details including college and test scores are fully exposed," the attorney explained.

The trial was a lawsuit filed by people who had applied for jobs at LG Electronics on its website and whose personal information had been stolen and exposed on another website. The applicants who filed the suit are claiming damages of W20 million each.

Unlike traditional trials that use only physical documents, both parties in this case used the digital projector and screen and easy to understand language instead of technical terms. This may be the sort of "electronic trial" of the 21st century that the court has been planning.

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