Monday, September 15, 2008

[ News, Government News, August 7 2008] The stance of the Korean government on the IFJ press release

Source: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism


The Stance of the Korean Government on the IFJ Press Release

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism expressed profound regret at the press release issued on August 5 by the International Federation of Journalists under the title, "IFJ Condemns Political Interference in Korean Media."

In the press release, IFJ unfairly criticizes the current situation surrounding the Korean media with such an extreme expression as "a catastrophe for press freedom" censuring recent changes in the management of media companies in Korea. In addition, the organization made an unduly inappropriate claim by saying, "the government is trying to manipulate media" or "Korea returns to the oppressive policies of the past."

Having gone through a democratization process, Korea is now basking in more freedom of the press than at any time before. The Korean Government maintains a consistent and steadfast stance on the media that the Government should not, can not and has no intention to control the media.

The truth behind the changes being made in the management of major broadcast media in Korea, which the IFJ press release is condemning, is discussed below.

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