Tuesday, September 16, 2008

[Korea.net News, Government News, September 3 2008] Korea Coast Guard revamps Dokdo-themed website

Source: Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs

Since Aug. 25, the Korea Coast Guard has been providing improved web services to guarantee user-friendly access, carrying some data translated into English, Japanese and Chinese. The official website (http://dokdo.kcg.go.kr), which opened in May 2005, is set up to help web users have a better understanding of Dokdo (islands) and give them a look at the latest photos and videos of beautiful scenes of the islands.

The website also presents web users with chances to take a look at geographical and historical records on Dokdo, as well as news updates on changes in Japan's policies on the islands. It also introduces stories about those who have been defending the lonely islands of Korea in the East Sea.

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