Tuesday, September 16, 2008

[Korea.net News, Government News, August 18 2008] Yahoo! interview with President Lee covers economy, climate and North Korea

Source: Office of the President

An interview with President Lee Myung-bak by Yahoo! was posted on www.yahoo.com at nine o'clock (KST) this morning through its global network. Arirang TV, an English satellite broadcaster in Korea, also aired the interview in 188 nations at the same time.

So far Yahoo.com has conducted interviews with political leaders in the United States. In marking a revamping of its series of interviews to include global leaders of other countries, Yahoo.com chose President Lee Myung-bak as its first interviewee.

In the interview, President Lee said it was heartbreaking for him to see skyrocketing consumer prices weighing heavily on ordinary citizens. He expected that the Korean economy would make a turnaround by the end of next year. He went on to ask the Korean people to join forces to weather the hard times for another year or so.

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