Sunday, April 06, 2008

[ News, Government Press Releases, March 31 2008] Korea-France Joint Statement on the Outcome of the Digitalization Project for the Oe-kyujanggak Archives

1. The Korean and French governments started the digitalization project of 30 volumes of Oe-kyujanggak archives located in the France National Library (BNF) in May 2007 and completed the process early this year.

2. Due to highly sophisticated technique and close cooperation between the two countries needed in the digitalization process, the Korean government sent delegations to France twice to test and discuss over the process of digitalization with the French engineering team.

3. The digitalized archives were delivered to the Korean side on March 14, 2008 in Paris. The Korean and the French governments will post the digitalized archives on the websites of the Korean Cultural Heritage Administration and the BNF at the end of April for public access.

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