Tuesday, April 01, 2008

[The Chosun Ilbo, March 28 2008] Police Plan to Install GPS in All Cell Phones

Christmas Eve, 2007, two young girls aged 10 and eight disappeared from their neighborhood in Anyang city, Gyeonggi Province. Three months later the body of at least one girl was found on a nearby mountain and pieces of the other girl's body in a nearby lake.

The brutal murder was committed by a neighbor who lived some 130 m from their homes. Investigations are ongoing with more charges from past cases involving the murderer coming to light. And with it, the nation's police are being scrutinized for incompetence.

In response on Wednesday the National Police Agency announced its plan to install GPS or Global Positioning System on all cell phones nationwide while introducing Radio Frequency Identification Tags.

Under the current law, the police do not have access to phone GPS and they say this law needs to be revised. Only 20 percent of the nation's mobile phone users have GPS installed, making it difficult for the police to track the location of people while they are being abducted.

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