Saturday, November 24, 2007

[The Chosun Ilbo, November 15 2007] Special Samsung Team to Sniff Out New Ideas

Samsung Electronics plans to launch a task force next month to search out promising new business ideas for the company. Tentatively named Samsung Emerging Businesses, or SEB, the team will be headed by the company's vice chairman Yun Jong-yong.

The exploration efforts by Samsung Electronics will likely ripple out to Samsung Group's other units. A Samsung Group executive said Wednesday that since Samsung Electronics is a core subsidiary, it will form the task force to take the lead in finding future business engines for the group. Korea's electronics giant has reportedly fielded a special team for the last few months studying how overseas companies explore new business areas.

The SEB will reportedly consist of 20 to 30 staff led by Yun. They will likely look into sectors such as bio-health, energy-environment, robotics and new materials. Yun designated those areas as future growth engines in a recent ceremony to mark the 38th anniversary of Samsung Electronics' founding.

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