Monday, July 02, 2007

[The Hankyoreh, June 29 2007] Korean comic books win over European fans

Quality and style has helped to propel popularity of Korean genre

South Korean comic books by leading artists are steadily gaining popularity in European comic book markets. Until now, Japanese comic books have been the most popular with Europeans, but creations by artists such as horror specialist Hyeong Min-u’s ‘‘Priest,’’ Lee So-yeong’s ‘‘Model,’’ a mix between a Western vampire story and a pure love story, Kang Full’s ‘‘Apartment,’’ which pioneered Korean Internet comics and Park Kun-woong’s ‘‘Massacre at Nogunri,’’ which depicts the U.S. Army-led civilian massacre during the Korean War, are winning fans because they are not as obscene or violent, » Ancco's picture diary by Ancco
while still managing to be just as sophisticated and interesting as their Japanese counterparts.

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