Friday, July 06, 2007

[The Chosun Ilbo, July 5 2007] Lessons from the iPhone Frenzy

Even days after its release, American consumers are still gripped by iPhone fever. Apple outlets all over the U.S., including New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, are still crowded with customers and the phone is selling like hot cakes.


The more successful Apple becomes, the smaller ground there will be for Korea's cell phone makers. After scrutinizing the iPhone, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, which enjoy a 30 percent share of America's cell phone market, are scrambling to come up with competing products. "I think we underestimated the threat of the iPhone," said one worried Korean businessman. Korean cell phones are generally sturdier and have more features than their American rivals, but electronics don't always win because of their features. The iPhone has captivated the hearts of America's upper class, and this is the reason Korean businessmen are uneasy.

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