Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Korea's Information Society 한국의 정보 사회: Google and Globalization in Korea (25 Oct 2008)
"The following is a letter to the editor that I wrote, published in the Joongang Ilbo

The Internet itself epitomizes globalization, and there is no more prominent indication of this than Google’s success.

Because the Internet unleashes a flood of information, its users around the world now turn to Google to tame that flood and find the information they need. People in virtually every country of the world now “Google it” to find press coverage, images, videos and more. Nevertheless, there are four nations in the world in which success seems to elude Google. The Financial Times, in an article accompanied by a map of the non-Google World, reported that Google has failed to achieve success in South Korea, China, Russia and the Czech Republic. Here in Korea, the major media have made much of how Naver leads the search market and has so far beaten Google. [...]"

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