Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Around the Blogs: an update

As I haven't had the time to check out what's new in blogs related to Korean new media, it's time to have a quick look at what has happened this fall.

In Korea's Information Society blog James Larson has discussed the following issues this fall:

- A new law which forbids the use of resident registration number on websites because leakage of private data (more about it here)
- Internet addiction of Korean school kids (read more)
- Korean-only Naver: how rejecting Google hinders globalization (read more); more about Google and Korea here; about Google's significance in the world; Google's Android phone and how Samsung and LG will react (here)
- Korean teenagers' preferences about media as surveyed by The Korea Times (read more)
- Samsung Notebook entering the US (see here); iPhone unlikely to enter Korea soon (click)
- KT's IPTV test service
- High broadband penetration (here)
- Korea's game industry (here)

In Web 2.0 Asia Chang-Won Kim has talked about the following issues:

- Cyworld quitting the US (see here)
- Open Web Asia conference: a success, videos (Jason Calacanis and Loic Le Meur), post conference coverage
- The actress Jin-sil Choi's suicide (here)
- Korea TV shopping network selling Mercedes Benz (here)
- Enswer, the Korean video search engine (here)
- Naver as the number 1 email service provider as well (here)
- LIFT Asia conference (here)
- Mugeta, a free mobile game service (here)
- Naver's non-profit work with Starbucks (here)
- Samsung's Armani TV (here)
- Gaming and Korean web 2.0 companies (here)
- Mobile carriers and 3G (here)
- Korean open web movement (here)
- Youtube Korea growing (here)
- WIPI in Korea (here)
- Web addiction (here)
- Cyworld 3D launch (here)

Hanna Cho & Anthony Townsend at Seoul Digital City:

- In-game advertizing (here)
- Microsoft investing in Korean software industry (here)
- Virtual reality golf (here)
- Internet addiction, porn and religion (here)
- Online game exports rising (here)
- Wibro to Uzbekistan (here)
- The suicide of an actress (here)
- OpenWeb Asia (here)
- Law against cyber-bullying (here)

Futurize Korea:

- Google Korea (here)
- Korea & Japan lead in fiber broadband (here)
- Ubiquitous Dream Hall closed (here)
- Nuritkum Square Digital Pavillion succeeding UDH (here)
- Starcraft II (here)
- Korea portal news roundup (here)
- History: 1st computer in Korea (here)
- Video calling not picking up speed (here)
- Korean online dictionary (here)
- Plans of internet anonymity (here)
- RFID package tracking (here)
- WiBro development (here), WiBro music service (here)
- Actress suicide (here)
- Survey on Internet usage (here)
- Online gaming stats (here)
- WiBro alliance (here)
- Google Korea optimistic (here)
- The Telegraph on Korean u-Home (here)
- Internet novels (here)
- E-Sports Industry (here) & E-Sports Federation (here)
- DMB receiver stats (here)
- Cyber etiquette curriculum in Korean schools (here)
- Seoul Declaration on E-Government (here)

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