Tuesday, October 07, 2008

[Chosun Ilbo, October 6 2008] Political Parties Wrangle Over Cyber Slander Act

Political parties were bogged down in wrangling Friday over the Cyber Slander Act that would require people to use their real names when posting comments on the Internet and punish cyber-bullying. The ruling Grand National Party wants the bill in the name of human rights protection, but the main opposition Democratic Party has denounced it as undermining freedom of speech. Besides these ostensible reasons, the parties also base their stance on calculation of what serves them best on the Internet, where the progressives are more vociferously represented.

In a press conference, GNP floor leader Hong Joon-pyo said the party “will make utmost efforts to realize the enactment of a law punishing cyber-bullying and requiring the use of real names in cyber space, which is sought by the government.” Hong’s comments come in the aftermath of the suicide of actress Choi Jin-sil, which was apparently spurred by malicious rumors on the Internet.

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