Tuesday, October 07, 2008

[Chosun Ilbo, October 4 2008] Chosun’s Documentary about North Korean Defectors Previewed at Japanese Diet

A preview of the Chosun Ilbo’s documentary film about North Korean defectors, titled On the Border, was screened at 11:00 am, October 1, at the Japanese Diet. Attending the screening, which was sponsored by an organization dedicated to safeguarding human rights for North Korean defectors, were four representatives from the organization, Nakasawa Masaharu and Nakayama Yashide from the House of Representatives, Fukuyama Tesuoh from the House of Councils, and three North Korean defectors now living in Japan.

[Chosun Ilbo, October 2 2008] Diet Previews Chosun Ilbo’s N.Korea Documentary

The Chosun Ilbo’s documentary on North Korean refugees, “On the Border,” had its Japanese preview at the House of Representatives in Tokyo on Wednesday. Some 40 lawmakers and North Korea human rights activists attended the preview held by the Society to Help Returnees to North Korea. Three defectors from North Korea who settled in Japan also came to watch the documentary.

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