Wednesday, June 11, 2008

[The Hankyoreh, June 11 2008] Media organizations campaign to oust 3 ‘enemies of the press’

Broadcasting commission chair and others singled out for leading gov’t efforts to control the media

Media organizations and civic groups have named three people as “enemies of the press” and launched a campaign to oust them. The three - Choi Si-jung, the chairman of the Broadcasting and Communications Commission; Lee Dong-kwan, the presidential spokesperson; and Shin Jae-min, the vice minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism - have been criticized for leading a government attempt to control the media.

An alliance formed by 46 media organizations and civic groups, including the National Union of Media Workers, the Citizens’ Coalition for Democratic Media and the People’s Coalition for Media Reform, plan to hold a press conference in front of the Broadcasting and Communications Commission in downtown Seoul on June 11 to urge the three men to resign.

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