Thursday, May 22, 2008

[ News, Culture / Events, April 11 2007] Chasing the Korean dream

By Yasmin Lee G Arpon
Deputy Editor of the Asia News Network

'Koreanovelas' Fever is sweeping the Philippines

In the last few years, Korean films, TV dramas and pop music have become immensely popular abroad, a phenomenon known as the Korean Wave. This is the second in a series of essays by a select group of foreign scholars and journalists looking at the spread of Korean pop culture in Southeast Asian countries and beyond. - Ed.

The names Johnny, Jenny and Andrew may not ring a bell for Koreans, but for Filipinos, they started the so-called Korean Wave in the Philippines. They were the "Filipinized" names of the main characters in the drama "Autumn Story," better known as "Endless Love 1" when it was shown in the Philippines. It was the first-ever Korean drama to air in the country.

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