Tuesday, January 08, 2008

[The Chosun Ilbo, January 4 2007] LG.Phillips LCD Develops Hi-Res Flexible Display

The development of a high-resolution color flexible display may herald an era of electronic newspapers that can be rolled up and stuck in a pocket. Unlike liquid crystal displays or plasma display panels used in monitors, flexible displays could be used for portable electronic newspapers or books because they can be rolled up or folded.

LG.Phillips LCD said Thursday that it has developed a 14.3-inch color flexible display with resolution of 1280x800, an industry record. The resolution is four times that of existing products, a company source said. Electronic books and newspapers made from the new display would be completely legible, the source added.

Able to show some 16 million colors, the display is expected to be used for image-rich encyclopedias, comic books and textbooks. It is the first color flexible display with such high resolution, although there have been black-and-white flexible displays with higher resolution.

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